Exclusive services for Pier Point and Rehoboth Marina

Inspect boat, lines, and rigging twice each day.
DMG will visually inspect each member's boat twice each day, before 8am and after 5pm.

Adjust canvas and rigging as needed.
If during our inspection DMG finds canvas or rigging on your boat is not functioning properly we will correct the problem. A service tag will be placed on the helm. The tag will identify the service performed.

Remove water that accumulates on or in your boat.
Any water that may gather on your canvas, t-top, or in your boat DMG will remove. If you have a pump or battery failure DMG will inform you and provide solutions to correct the issue.

Prepare boat for usage and close boat for mooring.
We realize boating can be hard work. DMG makes boating fun and easy. With proper notification, we will remove the protective canvas prior to your arrival. When you return we will replace all of your canvas and make sure your boat is ready for mooring.

Promptly inform owner if a problem occurs.
DMG is owned and managed by boat owners, we can relate to the unsure feelings that arise during storms and extended times away from your loved possession. If we find anything unusual, we will call you immediately.

Fill with fuel and gather needed supplies.
If you need to get out early or you returned to the dock too late and require fuel DMG can fill your fuel tank. In addition, if you call ahead we will gather any needed supplies.

Pack cooler with food, drinks, ice, or bait.
With proper notification, DMG will outfit your boat for a day on the water. DMG will provide a list of services, restaurants, and tackles stores from which you can choose.

Schedule boat services and detailing.
When you need to schedule a service for your boat, we make sure things go smoothly. We are in the marina 7 days a week; therefore, we can provide you with current information on the status of your boat. In addition, if your boat needs to be cleaned we can schedule a full detail or quick wash.

Delaware Marine Group provides many free services. Members are required to cover the expense of the items they request. DMG adds 20% gratuity. There are limited amounts of memberships offered. If interested in becoming a member please call (302) 227-7796 for pricing and availability.